Welcome to the Gold Seal Multimedia PTS. This is an interactive version of the current Private Pilot Practical Test Standards, abridged and annotated for Airplane Single Engine Land.

When run on one computer, it will keep up with your progress. Students will find this to be immensely helpful as they prepare for their FAA Practical Tests.

Material is presented in slide out panels. Click within these slide out panels to close them. When a panel is open it may contain some text in blue. This text is linked to additional built-in content. Text that is blue and underlined links to internet based documents.

The Multimedia PTS will run on any standard computer that has Adobe Flash installed. It will additionally run on the Apple iPad using the Articulate Mobile Player. The first time you load the Multimedia PTS in iPad Safari you will be prompted to download the free Mobile Player from the Appstore. Once downloaded onto your iPad, the Multimedia PTS will operate both online and offline.

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